• Stacy Dorsey

Signs of Addiction from a Normie

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

By: Stacy Dorsey, Executive Director Providence Recovery

Do you recognize any of these signs?

· Isolation · Slurred speech · Sleeping more than normal · Not sleeping at all · Irritability · Change in appearance · Mood swings · Anger outbursts

I sure do. I was surrounded by this behavior for more than 30 years, so I guess you could say I am addicted to addicts.

My name is Stacy, and I am a normie. What that means is I do not recognize addiction in my life. I do recognize co-dependency and enabling, however. My husband, Jon, has been in recovery for 29 years. It took a year in prison before he could say “recovering addict”. The journey was not easy, but it was sure worth it. I am proud to share with you that he just retired from the fire department as a Captain and has moved forward as a pastor.

Twelve years ago, Jon decided it was time to give back to a life he was so selfish with during his addiction. I had just completed my master’s in psychology and had been teaching at a couple recovery centers where Jon would come in and share his testimony. So, we took what we knew from experience, book learning and a few good friends willing to help us get started and Providence Recovery was born. Once again, this normie found herself surround by those in addiction and loving the opportunity to show them recovery.

Providence Recovery is a long-term addiction recovery center for woman with transitional housing and out-patient services. Our goal is to break the cycle of addiction and provide tools for a way out of a destructive lifestyle while developing a firm foundation based on a relationship with the God of their understanding.

If you recognize the addictive behavior in yourself or someone you love, we are here to help. The pain is real on both sides of addiction, the addict and the normie. Providence wants to help from addiction recovery to family counseling and unification. Our doors are open and so are our hearts. where recovery is a phone call away 1.855.684.4357. Make the call today… because tomorrow may be too late.

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