About Us

Providence focuses on cultivating positive emotions of Gratitude, Joy,  Hope, and Forgiveness. We believe healing happens when we connect to the love of Jesus Christ and then to community, family, true friends, and to the true purpose and meaning in our lives as Christ has gifted us.


Long Term Recovery

1 in 7 people are in active addiction. 1 in 3 people are directly affected by someone in active addiction. Millions of people attend rehab every year and yet only 5% get the help they need for long term success.

Statistics show that secular recovery programs have a less than 3%, long term recovery rate. While a biblical recovery program, who focuses on Jesus Christ as well as proven scientific based methodologies have nearly a 60% long term recovery rate.

While addictions are similar, they are different in their effects on the mind and body. Each person has a unique story. Many have co-occurring conditions that contribute to the abuse. We acknowledge each client has unique struggles within them and we recognize that each will be more successful in receiving quality treatment designed for each individual patient.

One of the best ways we can customize treatment is to provide clients with:

  • Educational programs that focus on how to stay sober and to prevent relapse.

  • Behavior therapies that help people understand addiction as they prepare to deal with the temptation to relapse.

  • Family counseling sessions focusing on both interpersonal problem solving and on effective communication. These lessons can create safe environments for recovering addicts after they complete rehab.

  • Multiple group therapies include: Biblical Studies, Equine Therapy, Anger Management, Denial Patterns, Relapse Prevention, AA/NA groups and Cognitive Therapies. Group Therapies offer peer support and encouragement from other women who are going through a similar recovery processes.

Using a variety of treatment modalities along with biblical principles will help women succeed in overcoming the bondage of past traumas and/or mental illness which may have lead them into addiction.

Family Environment.jpg

Family Environment

Healthy Families Have These Characteristics

  • Open, Honest and Respectful Communication

  • Acceptance of Each Other

  • Love and Compassion

  • Collaboration and Involvement

  • Healthy Coping Skills

At Providence we pride ourselves in creating that loving, forgiving and nurturing family environment that women can prosper in. The love and support they so desperately need comes from the other women who are overcoming their own personal struggles. Women can learn the value of emotionally, healthy living without judgement or shame.

Healthy family relationships result in happy and secure members and give the ultimate reward of feeling important and a part of something. Healthy families benefit each member in important ways and help provide a unique sense of belonging and value that cannot be found in other relationships. Because member's lives are centered within their families, the family environment becomes the primary agent of socialization.

Good family relationships are enjoyable for their own sake – it just feels good to be part of a warm and loving family. But good family relationships are important for lots of other reasons too. They: make people feel secure and loved, which helps their brains develop. It is easy for them to share spiritual values and beliefs with each other. Positive attitude is the norm and they have a sense of peace. Spending time together -There is shared common interest with strong families. They have lots of fun together and often laughter is plentiful.